CraftR Project

CraftR, a token that will bring to life a decentralized digital marketplace for programmers, designers, and musicians.
A large collection of digital resources will help everyone to build Games, Websites, Apps, Movies and Sounds.
Resources will be reachable by thousands of customers and sellers will enjoy the earnings of CRFT tokens.

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Unifying Crafters

Connect Crafters

CraftR will attract programmers, graphic designers, and musicians into the new world of cryptocurrencies and they will be in the right place to sell their crafts.
Customers of every kind of experience level will reach their desired products through a user-friendly online system.


Sellers will enjoy the privilege of getting weekly earnings in CRFT.
Fundings will be stored in a secure escrow and customers will take the advantage of not having to wait for a long time to get the earnings. A low fee will be applied on every purchase.

Multipurpose Assets

Developers will offer the tools and resources to help develop projects. The store will offer graphic design, sound design or scripting resources.
From video-editing to game development, customers will be able to choose their needs from a wide range of products.

Store Services


Get In Touch

Conctact us with any questions or inquiries. We would be happy to give you an answer.

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Currently the wallet is only compatible with Windows and Linux.


We are planning to list CRFT token in more exchanges soon.

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Here you can find all articles & blog posts related to CraftR Project.


Here you can find all of the videos created by the CraftR community.


The project has been designed to be finalized for the next year and will take at least 5 months to start running in a proper way.

October-November-December 2017 Concept design
Project marketing
January 2018 Project Development Ends
February 2018 Marketplace Marketing
March 2018 Final Release


Social Support 100 CRFT
Translations 20'000 CRFT
Extra Tasks Please, contact us to make a offer

Coin Details

Symbol CRFT
Name CraftR
Algorithm Scrypt
POS Percentage 100% Per Year
Block Reward 200 CRFT (POW over)
Max Supply 105'000'000 CRFT
Premine 21'000'000 CRFT
Wallets Windows
Source Code Github
RPC Port 26746
P2P Port 26745
Transaction Confirmations 10 Blocks
Coinbase Maturity 10 Blocks
Minimum age 5 hours
Target Spacing 64 seconds