what is CraftR About

CraftR project target is a decentralized digital marketplace for programmers, designers, and musicians, that will have the possibility to trade their works in exchange of CRFT tokens.
A large collection of digital resources will help customers to build their desired Game, Website, App, Illustration, Movie, or Soundtrack.
The following features are the mostly important targets that will characterize the marketplace:
  • Multipurpose assets marketplace
  • CRFT payment system
  • Wide choice of products
  • Fast navigation
  • Short term cashouts
  • User friendly design
  • User rewards
  • Code editor / IDE

what we will offer What?

UI Components

Build your favourite menu with single components or premade UI.

Templates & Scripts

Mobile, web and standalone resources for every purpose.

2D & 3D Art

From textures to objects, create your desired game, movie, or illustration.

Audio & Video Components

Build your desired soundtrack or movie.


Get your favourite font for your documents or illustrations.

Complete Projects

Complete projects for fast deployment of your idea.

CraftR Token (CRFT)

CraftR, a coin that will bring to life a decentralized digital marketplace for programmers, designers, and musicians. This is a feature that makes the difference with many other coins.


Useful token in our marketplace. It is more than a tradable coin.


The ability to purchase digital goods with an alternative coin.


Investors and customers could invest in CRFT and earn POS interests or sell items in the marketplace.


Processing fast transactions that take an average of 10 minutes in order to be finalized.

About Token details


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